Sometimes, not often, you meet somebody who completely changes your life, and for me that was Tatiana! In the time I spent with her (nearly 2 years) she was 100% dedicated to me, in fact I felt like I was her only client and nothing was ever too much trouble. She always wanted me to succeed and would do everything in her power to make it happen, it wasn’t just about the actual session, the level of after care was phenomenal, constant check ins, little messages of moral support and when needed, some straight talking. 

Tatiana’s level of experience is second to none, she understands nutrition, strength training, cardio, TRX, yoga, stretching the list goes on, which meant all my sessions were diverse and interesting, this was really important for me as I get bored easily. The person I am now is completely different to the person I was when I first met Tatiana, not just physically but mentally. My passion for training and strength levels are higher than I could ever have hoped for, and I have Tatiana to thank for it all. Tatiana is an incredible personal trainer and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Tracey, Bromley

Tatiana has made me realise how strong I am and what I can achieve if I put the effort in. Tatiana knows her stuff and although she is tough, I have realised it’s the only way to get the results. Top PT!

Ann, Bromley 

Tatiana is an excellent PT, she takes a holistic approach by completing a in depth analysis at the start of the sessions and then designing a tailor made programme for you.  This approach gets results as Tatiana doesn’t focus on exercise alone but in conjunction with diet, sleep and mental well-being.  After 6 months of 1x weekly sessions with Tatiana I had lost 10 kg and my fitness level sky rocketed. Tatiana pulls no punches and will be very direct with you. However, if you looking for someone who gets results in a sensible measured way Tatiana is the person for you.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! 

Liza, Bromley

Tatiana is the kind of trainer that makes you want to work your hardest. That inspires you to always do your best and push that little bit more. I love training with her, couldn’t ask for a better PT.

Gemma, Bromley

Tatiana was recommended to me by a friend who stills trains with Tatiana. I have found Tatiana to be incredibly knowledgeable both in relation to exercise and nutrition. I have a health condition which Tatiana has considered and tailored our sessions accordingly. I am thoroughly enjoying my sessions with Tatiana and have found her to be extremely supportive both mentally and physically. Would not hesitate to recommend Tatiana to friends and colleagues. 

Trisha, Bromley

Tatiana is so inspirational and has empowered me to believe in me and I have reached levels I never thought possible. Tatiana is a fabulous empowering PT.

Ann, Bromley

Tatiana is an amazing and inspiring personal trainer. She helped me to believe in myself and push my own limits. Tatiana helped me focus by setting goals to be consistent with my exercise and food. I’ve lost nearly 18kg and I’m physically stronger and can bench press 25kg! Now I can pick up my 4 year old without my back hurting and I’m mentally stronger. It takes work to be consistent and I know with Tatiana’s help this is a life long change.

Nicola, Bromley